Place Based Approaches

Lankelly Chase is interested in systems change and understanding its role in promoting and supporting those seeking to change the system. Given our focus is on people facing severe and multiple disadvantage, and our principle of putting them at the heart of what we support as well as realising that change comes from multiple players and in multiple different ways then it takes us to considering area-based approaches.

This work builds on our approach and learning of the last few years – taking us deeper into action. We are already funding agencies who are to varying degrees taking a place-based approach to systemic change from Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network to The Winch, from Love Barrow to Foundation for Families. However, we want to understand what more we can do. To help us work this out we:

  • Are working with a number of players to understand what place-based means in this context, the values and principles that should underpin this work and what role we are best placed to play.
  • Have commissioned the Institute of Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) to deliver an historical review of place-based approaches.
  • Supported IVAR along with other funders to understand the different roles funders can take in place-based approaches
  • Continue to support a range of agencies taking a place approach.

Alice and Habiba are leading on this work. If you want to find out more or get involved please do get in touch.