We are not accepting or considering proposals for the foreseeable future so that we can spend our time investing properly in the relationships we have with our existing partners. We want to focus on helping them to make wider societal change and realise that continually developing new initiatives means that we have little time to do this.

Over the coming months, we will be working hard to develop the wider offer that we make to organisations we partner with in the future. We want to move away from traditional grant making (where money is the main and sometimes only consideration) towards a place where Lankelly Chase and our partners work closely together to develop our individual and collective theory and practice. With this, we aim to ensure that effective support truly reaches those in society who need it most.

We’ll share all of this once we’ve developed it, so please bear with us while we work this all out with our existing partner organisations. In order to keep up-to-date with our progress, you can follow us on twitter and via this page on our website. You can always contact us at if you have a specific query and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

In the meantime, if you’re after funding, please look at the other funders page for organisations that might be able to help.

Thank you.


Do you have funding deadlines?

We are currently not accepting funding proposals.

What if we currently have a grant from Lankelly Chase or were recently unsuccessful?

If you currently have a grant from Lankelly Chase, you are more than welcome to contact us to discuss further funding. We are currently not accepting funding proposals from new organisations.

What type of organisations do you fund?

We care more about the idea than about the organisation proposing it. We mainly fund charities but we can also fund non-charitable organisations (including Community Interest Companies) as long as the work itself has charitable purposes and there is no private benefit to non-charitable interests.

We can fund private companies or individual consultants as long as the work we are funding has charitable purposes. Projects being delivered by non-charitable organisations will need to be properly assessed as being exclusively charitable. Any funding we agree cannot contribute to profit earned by the owners or shareholders.

We may be able to fund new organisations even if you do not have a full set of accounts yet.

Where do you fund?

We will fund work in all areas of the UK. We want to maximise learning, impact and ideas on severe and multiple disadvantage, and so we want to fund the most inspiring work wherever it is located.

Will you give capital grants?

What other sources of funding could be available for our work?

Other sources of funding and information

Funding Central

Funding Central is a free resource for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises. This works as a search engine. By entering the details of the project you have in mind, Funding Central can search for appropriate funders for you.

Association of Charitable Foundations

The Association of Charitable Foundations’ website includes facts and figures about trust funding, links to trusts and foundations websites and other resources.

European Union Funding

The EU provides funding for a broad range of projects and programmes.  Funding is managed according to strict rules to ensure there is tight control over how funds are used and that the money is spent in a transparent, accountable manner.

Government Funding

This site brings together all the regional, local and national government funding schemes in one place – incredibly time-saving. It also includes independent grant administrators and European sources and keeps you updated on funding rounds coming up.

National Lottery

The website provides information on how to get lottery funding, the latest news on the organisations that distribute lottery money, and case studies on projects that the lottery has funded in the past.

Small Charities Coalition

A national umbrella and capacity-building organisation with over 7,000 members UK-wide. Provides information on resources and funding available for charities.

Directory of Social Change

The Directory of Social Change (DSC) produces a number of guides and directories for those seeking funding.

What we do not fund

We do not fund work that ignores the root causes of severe and multiple disadvantage or that just creates separate pathways to mainstream support, leaving larger systems untouched.

We do not fund work that focuses on single issues: our focus is on those experiencing several social harms in combination. We don’t fund work that is focused exclusively on specific physical health conditions, disability issues, imprisonment and/or prisoner resettlement, or specific immigration issues, such as those affecting asylum seekers or refugees.