Joe Doran

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What attracted you to Lankelly Chase?

I was attracted to Lankelly Chase for a number of reasons. I’ve worked in the private sector, in social care, the public sector and I’ve been self-employed. I’ve seen how an interconnected but incoherent mess of human interaction limps from crisis to crisis, from scandal to scandal, from legislative eureka to legislative eureka. I’ve experienced first-hand services designed to protect and to support further fracture and harm. In all of those environments I’ve seen little attention paid to relationships; I’ve seen causes reduced to problems that are further reduced to budget codes; I’ve seen structural inequalities sold as human deficit. I moaned so much about human behaviours being driven by mindset created within a system that I had to take a look from a different angle. All the things I saw I still see but I also have a different view.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about and good at reaching word count.


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