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Chief Executive

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What attracted you to working at Lankelly Chase? I first realised how poorly we respond to complex social problems at the Social Exclusion Unit where I led its report on reoffending by ex-prisoners. I met countless prisoners who had been set up to fail by systems in fierce denial about the challenges faced by marginalised people. Then when I joined Revolving Doors Agency I was hit again by the chasm between government policy intent and the appalling reality of what we were seeing daily. For me Lankelly Chase is an opportunity to support a growing movement of people who are grasping the opportunity of difficult times to imagine a very different system and to act boldly to achieve it.

Ask me about… Lankelly Chase’s strategic direction; values and leadership; the uses and abuses of evidence; responding to complexity; linking separate areas of policy and practice; shifting and sharing power; the role of trusts and foundations; Toynbee Hall (where I’m chair); George Eliot (especially her early novels).

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    Lankelly Chase’s Governance Action Inquiry

    My acid test for any would-be solution to a social problem is whether it reproduces or disrupts the dynamics that created the problem in the first place. For example, if you are attempting to tackle inequality, is there inequality built into your...

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    Lankelly Chase’s approach to working with complexity

    What does effectiveness look like when working in situations of complexity? How do we understand what to do or where to start? How do we attribute results to our actions?  These questions go to the heart of our feelings of competence and...

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