Agenda is a cross-sector alliance working to change the way services respond to women and girls who have experienced extensive abuse and multiple disadvantage. Its members include voluntary organisations, funders, and other interested parties.

Agenda is calling for services and systems to be redesigned with women and girls at their heart, so they can access the support they need to rebuild their lives and reach their full potential. Particular attention is being paid to the need for gender- and trauma-informed work, both in specialist services working with women and also in the variety of other settings where women facing multiple disadvantages present.
Through Agenda, Lankelly Chase is supporting a large-scale, collaborative and strategic initiative which aims to change the way in which whole systems respond to women, rather than just supporting individual examples of excellent practice. Agenda has also moved away from the focus of historical campaigns on women facing specific single issues (substance misuse, mental ill-health or homelessness, for example) and is working to build a more complete understanding of the social inequalities, violence, abuse and gender expectations which underpin lives of multiple disadvantage.

Agenda launched in early 2016 with a new report, ‘Hidden Hurt’, outlining the extent and experiences of women who have faced abuse and violence across their life course.

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Agenda is chaired by Baroness Lola Young, and is also supported by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, Monument Trust and Pilgrim Trust.