Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG)

BTEG (Black Training and Enterprise Group) is focused on ending racial inequality. It undertakes policy and campaigning work around education, employment and entrepreneurship.
Ethnic disproportionalities are entrenched in the criminal justice system, and in many ways are worsening. Alongside the Barrow Cadbury Trust, Lankelly Chase is therefore funding BTEG’s work to tackle racial inequalities in the criminal justice system, particularly in taking forward the recommendations of the Young Review. BTEG is working closely with Government departments, community organisations, the wider voluntary sector, and private sector service providers to drive improvements in outcomes for black and/or Muslim offenders, who are heavily overrepresented in the criminal justice system.
BTEG is focusing on improving service user representation and brokering relationships between criminal justice organisations and the local, BAME community organisations which can play a vital role in prevention, early intervention and resettlement. During a time of immense institutional change through the Government’s Transforming Rehabilitation programme, BTEG is ensuring that issues of race and inequality stay on the agenda and are a key focus of national and local decision making. As well as working to establish a robust framework for tackling racial inequalities in the criminal justice system, BTEG is also gathering information and expertise about the links to wider social and economic barriers faced by BAME people and exploring how offending is linked with other issues such as mental health.