We aim to bring about lasting social change via four key evidence-based approaches:

  • Developing understanding: we combine compelling narrative with quantitative data to create a profile of people facing severe and multiple disadvantage
  • Innovation: we want to support ground breaking ways of delivering holistic support to people facing severe and multiple disadvantage.
  • Changing systems: we aim to create a transformative environment by building whole system local partnerships focused on tackling severe and multiple disadvantage
  • Changing attitudes: we want to help shift public and political attitudes to foster a more positive understanding of people facing severe and multiple disadvantage

The results so far

We are proud to be a part of a new wave of thinking and practice that challenges old models and assumptions about the relationships between individuals, the state and society. Results so far include:

  • Providing accessible and useful data through our HardEdges report that was used to inform government policy approach to people with multiple needs.
  • Commissioning comprehensive evidence reviews of gaps in data: Women and girls at risk: evidence across the life course
  • Commissioning a ‘knowledge hub’ to explore the complex relationships between ethnicity and severe and multiple disadvantage
  • Investigating the nature of severe and multiple disadvantage in the 21st century for young people and those working on the front line to challenge assumptions, practice and systems: Bringing everything I am into one place
  • Working with Revolving Doors Agency to coordinate a cross-disciplinary Research Network to bring together all researchers with an active interest in severe and multiple disadvantage
  • Building an evidence-led movement for change through the work of the UK-wide Promoting Change Network (PCN).

Be a part of this change!