Governance, accounts and remuneration policy


Lankelly Chase is governed by a 10-member board of trustees that sets strategy and supports the development of polices related to grantmaking, geographic focus, spending and investment, and provides oversight of management, governance and professional standards.

The board meets three times a year and has delegated some of its powers to three committees on which board members also serve. The three committees are:

  • Resources and Risk
  • Learning and Communications
  • Investment

The committees meet three times a year. Any additional business is conducted outside the formal meeting where necessary.

Annual Report and Accounts

View our Annual Reports and Accounts (pdf)

Remuneration Policy and Salaries for Y/E 31st March 2017

The overall goal of the remuneration policy of the Foundation is to ensure that we pay our staff fairly and in a way that ensures we attract and retain the right skills to have the greatest impact in delivering our charitable objectives.

Lankelly Chase aims to maintain a competitive and fair salary structure which is clearly defined and communicated to all employees. The procedure is to be applied consistently in a non-discriminatory manner.

We are a living wage employer and commit to paying at least the London Living Wage to all employees, including interns.

The Foundation does not pay remuneration to trustees or co-optees.

The Resources and Risk Committee reviews remuneration annually and makes a recommendation to the Board which discusses the recommendations in a board meeting.

In 2016/17, the following number of employees received gross pay (excluding employer pension costs) during the year between:

£60,000 – £70,000     1
£90,000 – £100,000   1

Our Chief Executive received a gross salary of £93,138 with employer pension contributions of £15,382.

The key management personnel (including the Chief Executive) received gross salaries plus employer pension contributions and other benefits in the following bands:

£60,000 – £70,000           2.9
£80,000 – £90,000           1.0
£100,000 – £110,000       1.0
Total                                4.9

In 2016/17, the median salary of all staff was £40,000 and the proportion of the highest salary to the median was 2.5.