Building the field action inquiry

Where we are

As we work to change the systems that perpetuate severe and multiple disadvantage, we are considering how the field of system change can be developed and strengthened.  We are doing this because we believe that it will take a critical mass of people with the capacity, skills and confidence to start to create a culture shift in the field.  However, we know that this is a big task and one that we cannot accomplish on our own.  We know that we will need to build networks, share learning with different audiences and learn from others.  We are considering our role as a facilitator and as a convenor with and between constituencies in different sectors, places and fields, including funders with a nascent interest in systems approaches.

We are keen to understand what it will take to build the capabilities of people and organisations within the field of severe and multiple disadvantage so that they are capable of analysing, changing and disrupting systems.

To do this we have defined our work as part of a series of inquiries where we will test our assumptions and learn and adapt as we go along.  As we develop this ‘Building the Field’ inquiry, we will be asking questions such as:

  • Where do our actions have the greatest leverage?
  • How do we remain open to different approaches?
  • How do we build the systemic capability/authorising environment?
  • How do we ensure that these opportunities are available to everyone regardless of role, ethnicity, class, sector?
  • What networks exist already that we can support? Or do we need to support the emergence of a new self-sustaining network?
  • How do we ensure that learning spreads across the UK, and what are the best mechanisms for this?

If you would like to contribute to this inquiry, please contact Jenny.