Introduction to Systems Changers

Frontline workers form the lifeblood of the systems which support those experiencing complex and multiple disadvantage. They deliver the policies formed in the corridors of power in Whitehall and the services commissioned in town halls. They are the ones who have day-to-day contact with people experiencing homelessness, abuse, mental health crisis, addiction or a combination of these. Yet their perspectives rarely form part of developing the policies and services they deliver and their insights are rarely included in efforts to reform the multiple systems they work in. These systems include public service systems, support systems and the systems in their organisation. Frontline workers rarely possess the power to make these systems work for the people they support.

We saw this gap and partnered with Point People and Snook to tackle it with the Systems Changers programme.  The ambition of the programme is to enable frontline workers to contribute to and create systems change. To empower people to gain a sense of agency to influence the multiple systems they work within.

The programme was first piloted in 2015 in the North East and North West and in 2016 ran with 11 participants from across the South East.