Design Thinking

P1000625People often consider Design as a capital D pursuit- fashion, products, websites.  It is, but we consider the mindset and process behind the pursuit of this as ‘design thinking’.  It is merited with supporting the drive of innovation by focusing on user needs not technology and re-designing less tangible ‘things’ like services, processes and even bureaucracy.

Key to this approach is considering the total end to end experience, seeing both the macro process and micro detail (from fonts to language in a form) and really putting people at the heart of what is needed. 

In Design Thinking we touch upon the benefits of testing (prototyping) ideas before implementing them, co-designing with the people who use and deliver services and how to map the journey of different user groups.

Theory video: 

Case studies and insights from participants

Bryony Albery - Support Worker, Wycombe Homeless Connection

Bryony talks about how she is using Journey Mapping.

Lewis Appah - Outreach Worker, The YOU Trust

Lewis talks about his experience of Design Thinking