20161128_150904The systems we have created are so large and complex, with problems that are owned by multiple stakeholders throughout ‘levels’ of systems. This means there is no quick fix even though it may initially feel easier to succumb to the ‘silver bullet’ theory.  

To take on Systems Change from any part of the system we must first understand, and take on practices of multiplicity.

Multiplicity takes on several forms- from creating the space to hold insights from multiple perspectives, to evidencing these insights, to holding long term change views. It is about ensuring that over a long term period of time there is space for continuous and dynamic input from a range of stakeholders and evidence sets.

This is a difficult mindset to balance and hold but vital when it comes to Systems Change.


Theory video:

Case studies and insights from participants

Martin Curtis - Drug & Alcohol Outreach Worker, Equinox Care

Knowledge Hub, Bid Development Day

Observe your system and record it in a way that makes sense to you – if that is a map, do a map. If it’s a conversation you’ll recall, have a conversation. Evidence is key so just record it somehow” — Martin


Michelle Gavin - Health Projects Coordinator, Friends Families and Travellers

Michelle’s take on Multiplicity