Systems Thinking

Story_2We often try to solve complex problems by applying the same thinking and trying the same solution over and over, even though it’s really not working. We get caught in a trap shaped by our own perspective and view of the problem.

Systems Thinking is a way of thinking differently about complexity. It looks at how the different parts of a system link and interact in order to generate new insights into how the system works as a whole. As a result a different and more appropriate solution will usually emerge. It’s not difficult to apply systems thinking to a problem but it can be difficult to see we might be trapped in one perspective.


Theory video:

Case studies and insights from participants

Insights 1: There must be another way out of here - John Broadway


The Twitter feeds are buzzing — fingers are busy jabbing at keyboards — filling those little comment boxes on those ‘Have Your Say Pages’ that no self-respecting on-line media outlet would be without.

All furthering the polemic of your belief in your side — maintaining your status quo — maintaining and feeding that particular system. Praising those that share your belief — Flaming those that don’t — Digital Hatred without seeing the whites of each other’s eyes!

Depending on your view it is either ‘Agitprop Stuff’ or a damming indictment on the lack of ‘Social Justice’…

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Insights 2: Martin from Equinox Care

Martin’s take on Systems Thinking