Place Based Approaches

Lankelly Chase is interested in systems change and understanding its role in promoting and supporting those seeking to change the system. Given our focus is on people facing severe and multiple disadvantage, and our principle of putting them at the heart of what we support as well as realising that change comes from multiple players and in multiple different ways then it takes us to considering place based approaches.

A key learning from our place based work over the last few years is that currently, the best role we can play as a foundation is to support a range of partners, and a small number of places to focus on how they can enable the conditions for change to flourish – all the time taking a focus on severe and multiple disadvantage. For example, how can we help people see themselves as part of an interconnected whole? How can power be shared and equality of voice be heard? How can feedback and learning drive adaptation?

As we’re not sure if this is the best approach, or where it will lead us we’ve framed it as an action inquiry. This, we hope, will give our partners space to learn, adapt and grow as the work develops locally.

We are taking three approaches to place based work:

  1. Supporting other foundations and national agencies e.g. Corra Foundation (formerly Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland)
  2. Supporting individual organisations who are taking a more strategic and collaborative approach to place e.g. The North Camden Children’s Zone, Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network, Save the Children, Arts at the Old Fire Station
  3. Working more directly in places, through intermediaries.

In each place, we are starting somewhere – so do not claim that we are everywhere!

We are currently working in the following places: Barking and Dagenham, Barrow in Furness (Cumbria), Manchester and York. We’re exploring relationships with Birmingham and Gateshead.

Alice and Habiba are leading on this work however there are strong correlations to the other action inquiries particularly the power inquiry. If you want to find out more or get involved please do get in touch.