Grapevine Coventry and Warwickshire

Grapevine help communities across Coventry and Warwickshire to bring about change and own their futures. Over the last three years we have become field-leaders in doing this through building place-based social movements where hundreds of people work together towards common goals.


Address: 123 Upper Spon St, Coventry CV1 3BQ, UK

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About our organisation/network
Our work has three strategic strands:

● Strengthening people

● Sparking community action

● Shifting systemic power

One thread runs through all our work: bringing those who are marginalised into the centre of their communities and helping them get a life like any other. Our approach is built on 25 years of curiosity, experimentation and observing emerging practices across the world. It blends and adapts organising techniques, learning from social movements, with our community building and person centred planning heritage. It mobilises communities to achieve personal, collective and system change in self-sustaining ways. And we are stirring arts and culture into the brew, hosting an Associate Producer from Coventry City of Culture UK 2021 in order to create a lasting legacy in our practice.

What’s the change we want to see?
A transformational network who are:

– Acting together to support each other

– Stepping into their power,

– Analysing and disrupting systems in Coventry

The changes aimed for include:

● Action on disadvantage, disconnection and poverty powered by community, not owned by any public or voluntary sector system

● Hundreds of small initiatives making a big ecosystem – the city able to talk to itself about it’s challenges and being able to act on them

● Systems thinking learning accessible to all – so its not in the hands of technocrats and consultants and think tanks – just like we did with movement building

● People understand the system and how it can work differently, how to get past seeing it as only working in one way

● New changemakers

● New ways of working and new initiatives that can’t currently be imagined, because this is open-ended