Healing Justice London

Healing Justice Ldn (HJL) creates safe spaces for healing for communities that are marginalised.

Email: info@healingjusticeldn.org

Address: 56 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS

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About our organisation

Healing Justice Ldn (HJL) creates safe spaces for healing for communities that are marginalised. We are inspired by social, disability and health justice, embodiment, creative-arts therapy and trauma-informed practice, involving deep listening and authentic lived experience participation. We merge theory with practice to reimagine wholeness and wellbeing at the intersection of adversity, disadvantage and oppression. We are led by people of colour and lived experience, working on the intersections of oppression, health, healing and liberation practice. We seek to undo harms, repair, vision and sustain futures possible free from intimate, interpersonal and structural violence.

The change we want to see

HJL vision is rooted in access, inclusion and dignity for all in health and healing, while highlighting the strategic potential for broader social transformation through sharing methodology and practice. We believe health and wellness should be shaped by the individuals and communities receiving care; and we should take seriously how structural and everyday cumulative experiences of marginalisation intersect with how people experience health. We foreground disability justice, trauma-informed and somatic practices and co-production in research, cultural production and lived experience led leaderships as mechanisms to nurture presence and equitable participation. Working with public health bodies, institutions, patients and health professionals, we want to transform healthcare, informed by the margins to create a robust whole. This methodology can then be scaled and replicated across sectors, groups and communities, with ambitions for deeper civic participation, actualising it’s radical and democratising potential.