On Our Radar

We are a specialist group of journalists, technologists, digital storytellers and development practitioners. We work together to tackle systemic voicelessness, surfacing stories from unheard groups and amplifying them in partnership with influential media outlets.

Address: 133a Rye Lane Peckham London SE16 4BQ

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About our organisation/network
We believe those on the frontlines of humanity’s toughest challenges hold incredible insight. We amplify unheard voices so that they can shape the future. Our approach is to build reporter networks, design innovative communications solutions, develop technology for connectivity and co-produce award-winning media. We have a decade of experience working across the UK to change systemic marginalisation that results in communities being silenced, overlooked or misrepresented. We have collaborated with communities experiencing homeless, living with disabilities and chronic health conditions, survivors of domestic violence and those at risk of abuse, as well as those struggling with loneliness and isolation in the UK. We have helped those unheard stories to become award-winning news and media features, holding their own on the global stage.

The change we want to see
There is a clear and urgent need for the news and media sector to shift the centre of power by designing new ways of working with traditionally marginalised groups (see our manifesto for more on this onourradar.org/manifesto). On Our Radar has been working for many years on designing collaborative and participatory journalism projects with communities in the UK and further afield. However, the impact we can have with our approach to participatory journalism is limited by the size of our team – we can only deliver a given number of projects at one time. We want to work with other organisations to adapt and embed some of the methodologies we’ve developed in order to achieve impact and scale, playing our part in creating a movement of storytellers who are working to shift the power in journalism.