Sound Delivery Media

Sounddelivery Media is a new charity who believe in a confident social sector able to develop and amplify lived experience stories and expertise to address social inequalities.


Address: 40 Adler Street, London E1 1EE

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About our organisation

sounddelivery media is a charity that believes people can challenge prejudice and disadvantage through the power of their voice. We collaborate with people and communities and support them to share their stories and expertise publicly as spokespeople through training, mentoring and media opportunities. sounddelivery media works for greater representation and diversity in the voices we hear in the media by building connections between the media and communities. We want our network to have a seat around the table, contributing their expertise to help create systemic change. sounddelivery media believes in a confident social sector able to develop and amplify lived experience stories to address social inequalities. We work alongside charities to develop the potential of the stories within their network to change perceptions and influence change.

The change we want to see

sounddelivery media wants to see people in positions to activate their lived experience of social injustice to be able to influence change on that issue. There are thousands of people in our communities with firsthand experience of the issues around us who are full of insights and ideas for solutions to create lasting change. They need the platforms to be heard and listened to, and to be valued for their expertise. We’d like to see more trust and understanding between the media and communities that could lead to greater representation and more diverse voices in the media, and journalists telling more nuanced stories using lived experience. We would like to see a more connected media and social sector that can collaborate to raise awareness of social injustice and can find and amplify new solutions to these challenges.