Insights: Futures

This is a portfolio of work all looking at the enabling processes and how things work in reimagined and renewed systems. 


What is ‘FUTURES’ all about?

The ‘Futures’ action inquiry at Lankelly Chase draws together our work exploring different structures and processes that need to change to support a future rooted in healing, justice and equity. 

To coordinate the planning, action – including resourcing -, reflecting, communicating, and adapting the work that supports the overarching inquiry that collectively asks:

What infrastructure enables us to liberate ourselves from oppressive systems? How do we build on it for now and the future?

There are six separate inquiries: Governance, Investments, Knowledge, Movements, Narratives, and Systemic Practices, with Learning and Communications, shared amongst us all.

As a team, we are focused on ambitiously redistributing resources where possible to people subject to marginalisation in each area. Or at the very least work that is in service of people subject to marginalisation. People in organisations, networks, movements, and communities who, despite oppressive systems, are doing critical work that aims to bring into being a world healed by and rooted in justice and equity.

We are looking at this work through racial, gender, social and climate justice lenses. We feel that all our inquiries are interconnected and vital to creating the conditions to support this transition. Whilst also being open to them adapting and going where needed.

We will continue to reflect and adapt this work as the learning emerges over time.

Please visit the insights pages below for more about what is happening within each workstream.

The Work