As the governance inquiry sits in the enabling processes (how) group, we see governance as an integral part of organising.

What is the purpose of this work? 

The purpose of the inquiry needs narrowing. An assumption we’re going on right now is that when many people talk about systems change they are talking about the way things are done which exists as an unexamined architecture through which we wander in pursuit of our goals. This unacknowledged environment creates mindsets. The mindsets create outcomes. If the architecture were different or at least viewed differently, could that change the mindsets and therefore outcomes? 

What are we learning? 

We used to be set up to facilitate large or medium grants to go to large or medium organisations. That’s not the case anymore. 

We’re learning that there is so much unlearning to do. That we carry around a heavy load of assumptions around who can communicate with who, who gets an audience with who and how and where and what the appropriate mechanisms to ensure stability are. That this is affecting and affected by everyone. We need, and oh it pains me to say this, lawyers. And journalists. And business types. And everyone really. And that we, as Lankelly Chase, can’t and shouldn’t be anywhere near a lot of it. Which is exciting. And disheartening. 

What next? 

All three current funded projects described above, are due to finish their funding in the next few months. This was deliberate.