Insights: How

This is a portfolio of work all looking at the enabling processes and how things work in renewed systems.

What is ‘How’ all about?

The How action inquiry at Lankelly Chase draws together our work exploring how different structures and processes might change in order to drive systemic change towards justice, healing and inclusion. 

We look at new forms of governance and organising and of resourcing vital movements for change. We explore the knowledge systems that underpin us all and how they might be more equitable. We ask how investment practices, including our own, need to change for a better world. And we ask what are the core skills we all need for this work, and what are the creative practices that can help us?

Collectively we ask the (slightly clunky) question:

How will the infrastructure / architecture be in a world healed by justice, equity and inclusion?

This is a working question that we will continue to revise over time.

Why we do it:

The purpose of this inquiry is to create some practical knowledge about structures and processes that can be used by wider communities who are revealing, disrupting and dismantling systems of oppression and injustice, and/or who are imagining and building new systems. 

We hope to involve as many people as possible in our inquiries and to continually share what we learn, so others can use this. Sometimes this happens tangibly, so when one of our partners in Place joins a “How experiment” and takes the insights found there back to inform action in that place. Sometimes it is less tangible, with us and our partners sharing blogs, or speaking to other networks. We always strive to be honest about what goes wrong along the way, as it is often there that we learn the most.

How we do it: (and what’s currently happening?)

The work encompassed in this inquiry tends to be highly exploratory, bringing together very different groups of people to ask and answer questions and find new ways of working. 

Our approach is focussed on learning as we go, and this is particularly important as we try to tie up our diverse workstrands. We’re hugely lucky to work with Dr Orit Gal who is helping us to notice patterns across workstreams to inform future action. We will start sharing these broader insights soon. 

We make decisions on funding and new partnerships collaboratively, and in line with our wider funding principles. Currently the decision making for this inquiry sits in house at Lankelly Chase, but in time it might devolve beyond our organisational boundaries.

The action we support is through our governance strand we have been part of establishing Beyond the Rules: a collective inquiry into systemic governance and the inequalities people experience in relation to decision making and power structures in organisations. In our knowledge work we established a small knowledge fund and built partnerships with 8 practitioners and communities challenging orthodoxies regarding how knowledge about severe social harm is created, interpreted and used. We’re now working with these partners and other long term partners like the Centre for Knowledge Equity and Whose Knowledge? to decide where this work goes next.

For more about what is happening within each workstream, please visit their insights pages below.

The Work