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Lankelly Chase’s vision is a world of justice, healing and liberation, where all people can live with dignity and opportunity in supportive communities. We believe this will only be achieved if we fully embrace the interdependent nature of our existence. Our mission is to work with partners to change systems of injustice and oppression that result in the mental distress, violence and destitution experienced by people subject to marginalisation in the U.K.

Lankelly Chase’s role is to resource activity where people can come together to explore what it means to reveal, question, dismantle systems that perpetuate marginalisation. Or to explore how to heal, reimagine and renew systems so that all people can live with dignity and opportunity in supportive communities.

We appreciate the urgent need to engage with the news and media sector and infrastructure bodies for this to happen. At the very least, we need journalists to tell more stories about how and where this change is happening, and we need more people who are either currently under or misrepresented in the news to have their stories read and heard.

In designing this fund, we’ve taken inspiration from many parts of the news and media landscape. However, we have focused on the principles and approaches of public interest news, slow news and solutions journalism as they feel most aligned with our vision and mission:

  • Public interest news can be understood as ‘information that helps people in their capacities as citizens and members of communities…not pure entertainment or celebrity gossip’ (Jonathan Heawood, Public Interest News Foundation). It is a platform that brings greater diversity and democracy to the British media.
  • Slow news takes its inspiration from the Slow movements (Slow Food and Slow Travel). It focuses on the positive qualities of journalism (accuracy, depth, analysis and expert opinion) rather than focusing on competing for ‘breaking news’ with the social media giants.
  • Solutions journalism focuses on how solutions stories go beyond inspiration and seek to provide evidence and insight into how social change really works.

We recognise that each of these approaches are useful and unique in their own right. Whilst we aren’t experts in any of them, we have taken advice from people who are, and we hope it gives you a sense of why we need to invest in new (to us) forms of news, news infrastructure and narratives that contribute to the systemic change we speak of.

We see our role, along with a handful of other funders such as Luminate and PHF, as continuing to support the field of public interest news, slow news and solutions journalism. This fund has been co-designed to strengthen the connective tissue between people and organisations, encourage different connections and conversations. We’ve kept it intentionally broad in scope.

The aims of this fund are:

  1. To learn more about the news and media field 9in its broadest sense) and how it intersects with the Lankelly Chase vision and mission. (Following on from the research Telling a Different Story published in January 2020 and having worked closely with partners Bureau Local, Neon and SoundDelivery’s Spokespersons Network.)
  2. To support a collection of independent conversations, partnerships, experiments or spaces where people can come together to explore what it means to reimagine and renew parts of the news and media system.
  3. To encourage work that is led by or connects with or amplifies people’s voices subject to extreme marginalisation.
  4. To explore how the field of news and media can become more diverse.
  5. To support different narratives to emerge around healing, justice and liberation.
  6. To use financial resources to give people the time and space needed to nurture new or existing relationships across different parts of the news and media field and with communities subject to marginalisation.
  7. To begin a collaborative inquiry with people who are willing to learn alongside us. 


Out of more than 100 applications we selected these publications and outlets to explore the above with us. They are:


Bureau Local 

Ethnic Minorities & Youth Support Team (EYST) 

Fully Focused 


On Our Radar 

Public Interest News Foundation 

Rural Media 


The Bristol Cable 

The Ferret 

The Guardian Foundation 

The Student View


Associated Community