Insights: How

This is a portfolio of work all looking at the enabling processes and how things work in renewed systems.

This portfolio encompasses:

  1. Core skills
  2. Governance Infrastructure
  3. Investments
  4. Knowledge Justice
  5. Networks / Funding Movements
  6. Strategic Communications / Narratives

What is the purpose of this work?

To coordinate the action, learning and resourcing of the work that supports the How inquiry, which is a route to us meeting Lankelly Chase’s mission. 

It is the container for all of the workstreams and inquiries that collectively ask:

How will the infrastructure or/ architecture be in a world of renewed systems that promote healing, justice and liberation? 

This question is a working draft and we are continually revising it.

What’s currently happening? 

The How team formed at the end of 2020, bringing together the six work-strands mentioned above, while the portfolio teams that supported these workstreams disbanded. 

This change in operating structures was thanks to us revising our Approach to Change in 2020. There were also some practical reasons: to join work together which was in danger of being siloed, to give colleagues more agency to lead work and make decisions and to reduce the number of meetings in people’s diaries.

We have spent several months forming this group, determining our mission, our anchoring inquiry and our boundaries. We have worked with the Resourcing team and the Board to change our delegated authority in this group so that workstream leads can work together to sign off spends without needing the whole group’s input or the sign-off of a Director for amounts under £50,000. This is an experiment for Lankelly Chase in devolved decision-making and we hope it will allow us to be responsive and more efficient.

We now meet fortnightly, alternating between business-oriented meetings (budget oversight, financial decisions etc.) and learning meetings. For the first six months we will do deep dives into each of the six workstreams in the learning meetings, and then we will work to draw all the workstreams together, hopefully using a learning framework that we are currently developing with Dr Orit Gal.  

What are we learning? 

This is very new work and so as yet we don’t yet have clear insights or emerging from across the portfolio. We will cultivate these over the coming months. We will also start to add insights from each of the individual areas of work – they will be included below.

However, we do have some early insights into our practice. These include needing to be very clear about each of our roles and our authority as we learn to integrate our different workstreams and ways of working. 

What next? 

Each workstream lead is building their work plan for 2021-23, which we will be sharing with each other over the coming months. These are outlined in the accompanying Board updates. We will also structure an overarching learning and communications plan for this portfolio team. 

The Work