Training Scheme: Arts at the Old Fire Station

Blog by Anthony Hall

My Time in the Training Scheme and as a Volunteer

In early summer this year I was accepted to take part in a 10 week training program with the Old Fire Station theatre. I expected this to give me back some confidence in old skills I had not used for about 6 years. I had chosen to take part half in the backstage, and half in the event management schemes.

Unfortunately, part way through I experienced some health difficulties and missed out on 2 weeks. However, over the 8 weeks I was able to take part in, I became familiar with this theatre and its staff. The environment was friendly and engaging, and the training scheme allowed me to discover where my limits were, and to feel at ease with what I still retained in terms of my old skills.

Shortly after completing the training scheme, a volunteer opportunity became available, where I would be effectively working as a backstage hand, full time for two weeks, as part of a theatre production project implemented by the same theatre. This was a fantastic time where I really got to grips with the role of backstage in a theatre.

I feel the training scheme set me up well for the volunteer opportunity, and the volunteer opportunity has set me up well for applying for an actual job working backstage at a local theatre. It has also given me the chance to meet some of the people who work in local theatres, which I enjoyed a lot. Over all, the joint experience has been the most fulfilling activity I have done in recent years, and I am extremely thankful to the Old Fire Station for facilitating the training scheme and the volunteer opportunity.

Please note the author’s name has been changed to persevere his anonymity.