Makes me feel like a normal person

This person has been in the homeless pathway for 8 years and has now been engaged with Mayday for 6-9 months

Mayday offers personalised and flexible combinations of community based brokerage, advantaged thinking and intensive coaching support shaped by individual strengths and interests.

Before Mayday:

Before working with Mayday ‘I was doing nothing but getting totally rat-arsed’. In the nightshelter it was the wet room, the wet room or the wet room and it’s just boozy. Basically it’s an unlicensed pub.

Starting work with Mayday Trust:

The hostel threw me out basically and made me street homeless, then they got worried about me, and they went and found me, and Mayday found me. That’s how I got involved in Mayday. I thought they were an inspiration, basically.

Mayday found me and said ‘you’ve got to tell them where you’re going to be staying’ and I said to them ‘I’m going to be in McDonalds’, and Mayday came and found me in McDonalds. They came and found me, so yeah, proud of Mayday.

I trust her and that’s a lot for me to say. To trust someone. That’s a lot for me to say..

Initial thoughts:

At first I thought ‘Oh, she’s going to be a do-gooder’. I thought ‘here we go again. Give me all this sh*t. That’s what I thought. Then we started talking and went out for a few coffees.

I had no expectations. I thought ‘oh here we go again’. No, they’ve been absolutely fabulous. I can’t knock them for a second.

I was really impressed with how they didn’t judge me. I just really liked it and yeah, I was destitute really. They came and found me and I thought ‘wow’.

Sorting basic needs- staying safe

They said to me ‘No, you’ve got to get somewhere to stay, you’re not staying on the streets’ and then got me back into the nightshelter.

Not hand holding. They said ‘Go and have a meeting with them’, so I went and had a meeting with them at the nightshelter.

Compared to previous support:

It makes me feel as if I’m normal. In the night shelter, they maybe thinking ‘Get your act together’ if you know what I’m saying.

I had a keyworker. Yeah, she was fine. She was alright. I wouldn’t say she was brilliant, but this one [Mayday coach] is absolutely brilliant. Love her to death, she’s absolutely fabulous.

[At the first  meeting,] ‘Yeah we chatted. I don’t know what about. They [Mayday coach] got through, to be honest’. They were just so lovely.

She talks to me as if I’m normal. She knows I’ve got a drink problem and she doesn’t treat me like an alcoholic. In the nightshelter, they used to think ‘Oh, she’s an alkie’. I’m not an alkie. I drink too much. There’s a difference between and alkie and having a drink problem. She treats me proper.

I think she’s really on key, to be fair. I think at first she thought I was holding back, but now, because now she knows me a lot better, yeah, she understands me really well.

Finding the spark/ building on talents

She said to me ‘What do you like doing?’ She was actually asking me questions. I said ‘I love playing chess’ and she said ‘Well, I can’t play chess’. I said ‘how thick are you?’ being really insulting, I said ‘I’ll teach you’. She’s getting good too!

Personal budgets

She bought me a chess set and went ‘come on, I’ll thrash you’. She’s made me feel a lot happier, bless her heart.

‘We go for a coffee and play chess. We’re going to the model club tonight to play chess’ because I really love it. She looked it up on the internet. I’ll probably bump in to a few people which would be nice.Changes in wellbeing- positive relationships- places to be, things to do!

Since they’ve been working with me I’ve felt more positive. I don’t feel down in the dumps anymore. I feel good.

I keep saying, I need my own place. I want to get out of hostels. That’s my needs. I think I need to do some goals myself, and get myself things to do myself in the day. I’m not in the nightshelter now. It’s getting my activities up to scratch.

It’s made me feel positive again. Before I was in the nightshelter thinking ‘Oh God, just go in the wet room. Just get pissed up and now, no. I would have been pissed by now. I would have met you today, I would have been rat-arsed. Today I’m not. I’m drinking bleeding cappuccino!

I’m just really doing well at the moment, because I’ve got from down the gutter thing, and I’ve got myself up.


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