Bereavement and multiple disadvantage

Revolving Doors Agency’s Research Network has published a new literature review on Bereavement and Loss. It outlines how people facing severe and multiple disadvantage (particularly people in prison) are disproportionately affected by bereavement, and that these losses are more likely to be traumatic or sudden in nature – therefore making an important point about the interlocking nature of disadvantage and negative experiences. It also discusses other kinds of loss which are more likely to affect people with other difficulties in life – like losing children to the care system, or having a parent in prison.

The paper is a welcome introduction to a challenging topic which, so far, we haven’t managed to weave into our understanding of severe and multiple disadvantage. The conversation will continue with a seminar in the New Year.

Download from Revolving Doors Agency here.

The literature review is the latest in a series developed for the Revolving Doors Research Network. The developing library also includes papers on Understanding the Whole Person, Understanding the Whole Family, and Peer Research.