CALL TO TENDER: Developing antiracist movement infrastructure in the UK

This is a much needed and essential piece of work. You will be working in partnership with independent funders who are looking to commission a suitably qualified independent consultant or consultants to research and report on the infrastructure needs of the antiracist movement in the UK.

The consultant/s will work with Global Dialogue to co-design a method of inquiry that is accountable and thorough, using interviews, existing funder movement research and other tools to gather the information that will ultimately be written up into the report. The report will be shared widely as a resource for the antiracist organisations and movement actors, as well as our partners and funders.

For more information on how to apply please take a read

Global Dialogue – Developing Antiracist Movement Infrastructure – Consultancy Call to Tender – 140521

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 2nd June 2021.