Lankelly Chase Hard Edges research influences Budget 2015

In today’s Budget the Chancellor committed the Government to assessing the scope for reducing the costs of failure to support ‘troubled individuals’ who struggle with homelessness, addiction and mental health problems.

HM Treasury cite £4.3bn costs. This figure comes from LankellyChase’s recent report Hard Edges, published earlier this year with Heriot Watt University.

Hard Edges showed that the multiple disadvantages faced by vulnerable individuals have their root causes in childhood trauma, disrupted education and economic inequality.

Julian Corner, Chief Executive of Lankelly Chase, said: “This Government’s recognition of multiple disadvantage should herald a turning point in our approach to helping some of our most marginalised citizens. It has recognised that the way organisations, resources and bureaucracies are structured often works against individuals.

We are issuing a challenge to ourselves and all our partners to be courageous in putting the interests of the person first – not the siloed service.”

Hard Edges found that:

  • Over 250,000 people in England have contact with at least two out of three of the homelessness, substance misuse and/or criminal justice systems, and at least 58,000 people have contact with all three
  • People affected by this form of severe and multiple disadvantage are predominantly white men, aged 25–44, with long-term histories of economic and social marginalisation and, in most cases, childhood trauma
  • In addition to general background poverty, it seems to be in the realms of very difficult family relationships and very poor educational experience that we can find the most important early roots of multiple disadvantage
  • Even among those with the most complex needs, almost 60% either live with children or have ongoing contact with their children.


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