Local Motion: a shared ambition for local change

Local Motion sees six funders joining forces in a commitment to support communities in a more radical, joined-up way. Together we’ve set out to use their collective resources, experience and strengths to maximise the `power of place` working with local partners to challenge existing norms and shape philanthropic practice.

Local Motion will focus on working with local partners who want to find solutions to the social and environmental issues on their doorstep. The project will focus on scoping and responding to the needs of local places, and defining project aims based on those findings.

To help us progress this work, we are now looking for an experienced, motivated and creative Director of Collaboration who will co-design a new approach or set of proposals with potential communities. It is a role that will involve scoping and recommending the proposals and supporting the relationship between the six foundations and the local partners involved.

Subject to the success of this initial scoping phase, the expectation is that the six funders would then consider the case for providing substantive resources and making a longer-term commitment.

Here’s more information about theĀ role.

Questions? Contact: localmotion@lloydsbankfoundation.org.uk