Open data set to revolutionise UK grantmaking

Lankelly Chase is leading the way in the grantmaking sector by sharing details of our funding using the open data standard developed by 360Giving. By sharing this data openly, we are making it easier to find and compare grants made across the UK. This means charities can access information about who might fund them and grantmakers can make more informed decisions.

We started sharing our grants data using the 360Giving Standard in December 2017. As the information is open data, it means it can be freely used by others, for example to research into funding provided to a particular cause or region. It also means the data can be included in tools and platforms and seen alongside other datasets. The GrantNav platform is a good example of this. It takes all the data being shared in the 360Giving Standard and has an easy-to-use search function, meaning that users can explore and download over £17 billion of funding data all in one place. This means that, for the first time, UK funders and charities are able to get a snapshot of funding across the country.

Fran Perrin, co-founder and Chair of 360Giving says: “By sharing grants data in an open and comparable way we can shine a light on grantmaking, increasing transparency and improving our understanding of the sector. We are delighted that Lankelly Chase is leading the way and hope that others will follow them in 2018.”

Lankelly Chase’s data is available here. It can also be seen alongside other funders that are sharing their data openly using the 360Giving Standard on platforms such as GrantNav and Beehive.