Opportunity to Tender: Ethnic Inequality in Mental Health – Knowledge and Change

Lankelly Chase is inviting expressions of interest to tender for the design and delivery of a new ‘knowledge hub’ on ethnic inequality and severe and multiple disadvantage, with an initial focus on mental health. A total funding envelope of £1.25m over 5 years is available for this work.

The aim of the project is to put available knowledge to use as a tool for change.

There is currently no credible voice communicating usable data on ethnicity and mental health and other related domains of disadvantage such as experience of violence and abuse, substance misuse, experience of the criminal justice system and homelessness or inadequate housing. This results in a lack of understanding about the extent and nature of the role of ethnicity as a variable in the way disadvantage of different kinds manifests, plays out and intersects. This knowledge gap directly undermines good decision making in commissioning and makes it difficult for activists to hold the system to account.

The contractor (likely to be a consortium) will design and establish an independent, credible and authoritative ‘knowledge hub’ (working title) to collate, synthesise, interpret and communicate data on ethnic inequality in mental health and other interrelated areas over time. This will not restate broad problems of disproportionality because these are already well documented. The value will lie in more granularity and in explanation; how and why certain people end up in certain circumstances.

This high profile project will:

  • Create a sense of momentum and long term commitment and provide a point of focus around which all those with a concern can galvanise.
  • Build a detailed and nuanced picture of the relationship between structural disadvantage as experienced by black and minority ethnic people, discrimination within systems and severe and multiple disadvantage (beginning with mental health).
  • Examine key aspects of the relationship between ethnicity and severe and multiple disadvantage, including crunch points in systems, in order to provide a more sophisticated and nuanced purchase on the levers of change.
  • Feed usable knowledge to relevant bodies and individuals to inform decisions by statutory institutions and enable activists to hold systems to account.

We seek a partnership which can deliver on data access and analysis, understanding of the issue and field, political connectivity, innovation, communications and influence. We are looking for a fresh, optimistic, solution-focused approach.

The full invitation to tender can be found here: ITT Knowledge Hub

We invite expressions of interest in the first instance. The closing date is 12 October 2015.