Tender opportunity – facilitator/documenter

We are tendering for a facilitator/documenter to work alongside a small group of partners exploring knowledge and justice over the next 12 months. Details of… Read More

Introducing the Connected grants programme

In Summer 2019 we published Hard Edges Scotland, which expanded on our initial statistical profile of severe… Read More

Lankelly Chase, 360giving and foundation transparency

This week Lankelly Chase has joined the growing group of charitable foundations who have made our spending data more open, accessible and understandable through the… Read More

Multiple disadvantage: understanding the whole family

Last week the Revolving Doors Research Network published the latest in its series of literature reviews on severe and multiple disadvantage,… Read More

New NCB report on children missing education

This week, the National Children’s Bureau has released new research which aims to shine a light on the experiences of children… Read More

Refreshing Perspectives: new Revolving Doors Agency report on peer research

Revolving Doors Agency has published Refreshing Perspectives: Exploring the application of peer research with populations facing severe and multiple disadvantage. It… Read More