Introducing the Connected grants programme

5th March 2020, words by Oliver French

In Summer 2019 we published Hard Edges Scotland, which expanded on our initial statistical profile of severe and multiple disadvantage from 2015. Over the last few months we’ve taken this much further and published a whole range of new research reports which approach severe and multiple disadvantage from different angles, using different methods – covering issues including gender, ethnicity, culture and faith, the media and politics.

They have been published as an ongoing series because rather than presenting entirely different stories, we believe the issues they discuss are interconnected. We’d like to explore what the common threads and connections are, as well as what they’re all missing or obscuring.

Our own view is partial and we would like to bring others into the process of identifying and discussing these connections. So (as we did with Hard Edges Scotland) we’re launching a small grants programme (£1,500 – £3,000) for people to lead new conversations about severe and multiple disadvantage which explore, combine and pick apart the different Connected reports and take them in new directions. We’ve outlined some of our own thoughts on some interesting themes which could be picked up in spin-off conversations, but we’re very keen to hear other people’s ideas.

You can find all of the reports, plus more detailed information on the grants programme, on our Connected page.

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