Unity in Diversity

14th October 2020, words by Fallon Terry

You may be wondering what is unity in diversity? Unity in diversity means forgetting that we are different and uniting as one!


  • If you are being nice to someone despite that they are different then you are displaying unity in diversity.
  • If you are being mean to someone (as they are different) then you are certainly not unifying in diversity.

Why is it important?

Unity in diversity is important as people may feel left out if they are treated badly because of things they cannot change or don’t want to change;

  • The country they were born in
  • Their family
  • Their skin colour
  • Their beliefs (e.g. Gods / Goddess )

And none of which is fair just because you are different.  I have experienced being left out because of my hair and skin colour. Although I am not quite Rapunzel, I deserve the same amount of respect as those who are white with long hair. This segment of cruelness is called racism. Racism is when people judge you because of your race (normally if you are non white). Racism is very common and needs to be put to a halt.

Martin Luther King – has a famous speech called ‘I have a dream’ about how black and white people should and can come together as one. This is ‘unity in diversity’!

My conclusion is that everybody should be treated the same, even if we are different and we have feelings too. Now, to finish, I have written a special poem reflecting these thoughts and feelings.

Where there is a will. There is a way!

My will that someday my race will find a way, the bells would sing and heavens rejoice. But until that day hope still strays.

My will is that someday, this madness will stop and that people will be judged by the way their true hearts take them and not because of their race.

My will is that someday, all the leaders of the past (who stood up for me and inspired people) will rest knowing they did a good job.

My will is that my friends will respect me and find things to bring us closer not pull us apart.

My will is that someday my race will find a way, the bells will sing and heavens rejoice .But until that day hope still strays.

Where there is a way there is a way!


By Fallon Terry J J J

(THANK YOU, for listening/reading)   


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