Our action inquires

We are determined to change the systems that perpetuate severe and multiple disadvantage. However, as the saying goes, if we knew how to do this we’d have done it already. Programmes and projects typically rely on ‘cause and effect’ certainty that we don’t feel about this situation. This is why we are framing our work as a set of ‘action inquiries’.

We are asking a small number of big questions that have emerged from our work to date. Questions about what it might take to change systems. And in inquiring into these questions, we are attempting to take bold action, notice and communicate the effects (expected and unexpected), and iterate the next steps.

All of the action inquiries are designed to shed light on two things at the same time: (i) would a system that was effective in addressing the complex interlocking nature of severe and multiple disadvantage be characterised by the system behaviours we have identified so far (see Our Approach)? (ii) what might it take to promote these behaviours at system level?

These action inquires we are currently pursuing are:

  1. How can we promote a more critical approach to understanding the interlocking nature of severe disadvantages?
  2. How can power shift to people who are marginalised, so they have the motivation, capability and freedom to become change agents?
  3. How do we build a field of people capable of analysing and disrupting systems?
  4. How do we support places to build the system behaviours?
  5. What does effective governance look like for organisations trying to think and act systemically, starting with Lankelly Chase itself?