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What do you value about the work we do at Lankelly Chase?

The culture of ‘learning not proving’ that we are seeking to embody and promote, and how open we are as an organisation to be critically challenged and adaptive in our work. As a foundation we are doing something unique and quite radical through our lines of inquiry, and our collective understanding is constantly shifting as we grapple with the colossal tasks at hand. I am inspired by the work of our partners and grateful for the time I get to spend with them, learning from them; In a short time I’ve been challenged and humbled in my understanding of many things.

Ask me about: our inquiry into knowledge: knowledge democracy and the intersections of knowledge, power, and voice; and how we’re (currently) seeking to promote a healthier knowledge system.

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  • Blog Post

    Knowledge Action Inquiry: Knowledge Democracy

    As a major theme of our Knowledge Action Inquiry, we’ll be examining ‘knowledge democracy’ and its relevance to our work on severe and multiple disadvantage. We’re in the early stages of discovering and engaging with quite a...

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  • Publication

    Knowledge Democracy Discussion Paper

    Most of us will have studied a very small part of the extensive and diverse knowledge systems of the world, and we will reproduce this understanding of what counts as most valid, credible, robust, accurate, and useful within our thinking and...

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  • Blog Post

    Reshaping Research: Knowledge and the Conditions of Possibility

    I once wrote a politics paper arguing that in striving for replicability, predictability, and proof in the quest for more scientific research we ultimately miss the point: we miss the messiness and complexity of society by reducing rich and...

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