Bryony Albery

Wycombe Homeless Connection

How would you describe yourself? – Approachable, creative, persistent, adventurous and pragmatic.

What I do:

I’m a support worker at Wycombe Homeless Connection, a small independent charity in Bucks. Primarily my job is to help people avoid homelessness by fighting evictions and support resettled homeless people to stay in their accommodation. I’m also involved in running the winter night shelter each year.

Something I would like to change in the system:

I’m investigating how we can bridge the gap between our clients and the council. Councils are struggling with reduced budgets while people facing homelessness are often struggling with reduced benefits. Both groups are strained and under resourced, as a result they sometimes struggle with each other. I’m wondering what we can do as an independent organisation to make this work better for both parties.

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