Jane Millar

Acting Vice Chair**, Trustee

**Acting Vice Chair, whilst Morag is Acting Chair during Myron’s (Chair) period of convalescence. 

What attracted you to being a trustee at Lankelly Chase?

Poverty is rising in the UK. And this is not just about the number of people who are poor. It is also about the depth of poverty that some people experience and the widening gap between the poorest members of our society and the rest of us. I was attracted to work with Lankelly Chase because of their focus on people with severe and multiple disadvantage. I hoped that my research skills and experience of working with policy makers would help in achieving the goal of change to transform the quality of life for people with complex needs and few opportunities.

I am currently Professor of Social Policy at the University of Bath.  My research interests include family policy, income maintenance policy, gender and poverty, and comparative social policy. I have taken part in many research projects and been a Special Adviser to House of Commons Select Committees.