Marion Janner


What attracted you to being a trustee at Lankelly Chase?

Most of my work has been enabling people to leave or not have to go into ‘total institutions’ – prisons, hospitals etc. (There was a very brief period as a chocolate entrepreneur, which made me very popular with friends but was commercially, er, not successful). I value my autonomy enormously and this translates into developing projects which enable people in very constraining situations (eg psychiatric inpatients) to have as much control as possible over their daily lives. I’m recovering from a very difficult mental illness (Borderline Personality Disorder) and have a strong interest in the increasing involvement of people with lived experience in the Foundation’s work.

My day job is running Star Wards, supporting mental health wards to be more actively therapeutic places of recovery. I’m mildly obsessed with the benefits of patients having contact with animals, inspired by my daft support dog, Buddy, who is adored on the wards. I have two learning disabled foster sons and thereby considerable knowledge of zombies and things that spin.