Maron Ehata

Elmore Community Services

How would you describe yourself? – Positive, a dad, compassionate, likes a challenge, loves music.

What I do:

I work for a complex needs and mental health charity in Oxford. We support clients who cannot access services because of labels set up by the system.

Something I would like to change in the system:

There is a loop in the mental health system that most of our clients are circling in. In the loop, Personality Disorder (PD) is being used as a road block to avoid certain duties of care, and to stop people using under-resourced, appropriate services. If this loop is broken or gets an interrupter, money will be saved to allow for more funding in the mental health sector, the safety and security of the public and individuals would increase, there would be less casualties in communities and prisons and people would receive support before being locked up.

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