Martin Clarke

Trustee, Chair of Investment Committee

What attracted you to being a trustee at Lankelly Chase?

Through chance or design I have spent a working lifetime in businesses and public service that carried a social purpose and sought to make a difference. If I needed it this has given me a pretty strong sense of personal and corporate social responsibility. My direct personal experience of severe and multiple disadvantage is limited. But during my childhood upbringing in 1960s working class Salford I witnessed the social and economic effects of the decline in coal mining, textiles and engineering industries. My own passport to social mobility was education, but many are not so lucky.

As an actuary, my skills tend to be financial. But I have led and experienced CSR programmes that genuinely made a difference. I also have extensive knowledge of responsible investment having both direct experience in the industry and most recently chairing the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association for 8 years.

I have been the UK Government Actuary since 2014 before which I was an executive director of the government agency that rescued the pension schemes of failed businesses (PPF). My prior private sector career was with the financial services businesses of the Co-op.