Michelle Gavin

Friends, Families and Travellers

How would you describe yourself? – Driven, genuine, honest, compassionate and hardworking.

What I do:

I work for an organisation called Friends Families and Travellers- I am Health Projects co-ordinator. We work on behalf of all Gypsies and Travellers, regardless of ethnicity, culture or background. My work is locally based, around Sussex. I engage with all Travellers to keep their health and social requirements on the agenda to ensure that their views are captured and services are commissioned accordingly.

Something I would like to change in the system:

I’d like to change the current definition of Travellers for planning purposes. The new definition impacts upon the most vulnerable members of the communities. Travellers who are no longer able to travel due to ill health or old age will not be able to seek planning permission for caravan sites that meet their accommodation needs.

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