Morag Burnett

Acting Chair of Trustee Board**, Chair Resources and Risk Committee, Trustee

**Acting Chair whilst the Chair is convalescing.

What attracted you to being a trustee at Lankelly Chase?

Thrawn (adj.) – obstinate, contrary, perverse, cross-grained, intractable or uncompromising. A useful Scottish word that sums up part of what attracted me to become a trustee in 2009. It could be a description of the issues we are committed to tackling – or sometimes how we at Lankelly Chase behave in pursuit of a solution. I have worked with marginalised and impoverished communities overseas and wanted to bring my experience to bear back in the UK. I’m a firm believer in appreciative inquiry and a capability approach to development. As well as appreciating Lankelly Chase’s tenacity, I love that we also try to be flexible, imaginative open-minded and humane.

I bring international experience, a Scottish perspective and substantial strategy and management experience to the board. I have returned to the UK after four years in Mexico where I undertook strategy, communications and project management work with local and international NGOs.