Oliver French

Action Inquiry Manager

About Oliver…

What attracted you to working at Lankelly Chase? It was the foundation’s hands-on approach to funding that appealed to me when I joined. Since then I’ve been continually impressed by the commitment to be an active and learning organisation that takes a central role in delivering social change – we don’t just sit back and hope that others do the real work. Before coming to Lankelly Chase I had worked for a national drugs and alcohol charity, and was always astonished by the variety of human stories that underpin what on paper and in national statistics are too often grouped together into a single problem like addiction or homelessness.

Ask me about…I work mainly on Lankelly Chase’s Equalities and Rights projects. People facing severe and multiple disadvantage are not just another group to be gathered up and have services given to them – we want to explore the variations in how disadvantages play out for different people, including women, children, and BAME communities.

Content by Oliver French