Camerados is based on the concept that people with severe and multiple disadvantage can only transform their lives for the long term if they have two things: friends and purpose. Many people living with severe and multiple disadvantage experience severe isolation and boredom, which can cost lives.

Camerados operationalises friends and purpose by co-ordinating a national co-operative of people living with severe and multiple disadvantage, who create and run micro-businesses and activity-based projects, supporting each other through solidarity and sharing of resources. Through this collaborative work, people will gain friends and, as a result of owning the businesses and projects they set up, purpose. Then, through the co-operative movement and a wider campaign, Camerados aims to use people’s individual and collective stories to change wider societal mind-sets and the stigma associated with people living with severe and multiple disadvantage.

Lankelly Chase is working with Camerados to develop their work in Blackpool – which they’ve been doing through the Fulfilling Lives programme – and to build on this work and iterate it for work they are going to be doing in Sheffield and Lincoln.

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