Civic Systems Lab

Civic Systems Lab (CSL), now Participatory City works in partnership with a range of organisations such as local councils, housing associations and other institutions to create practical new projects that bridge gaps between people facing severe and multiple disadvantage and the rest of society, enabling people to participate equally in society. Civic Systems Lab develop local projects that re-organise spaces, learning, practical support and social networks that benefit all people, and particularly those struggling at the margins.

Research shows that there are persistent and widening gaps between professional support and mainstream society that are preventing many people from entering and re-entering into mainstream society from positions of exclusion, but there is plenty of evidence from new ways of working that suggests how this could be achieved.

CSL is developing a growing body of research and prototype projects to test their approach, and Lankelly Chase is working with them to further evidence their theory of change, increase the scale of their impact, develop strong partnerships, and use their model to transform places with high levels of SMD – in different geographical, social and partnership contexts.

At the end of the two years, CSL hope to have built on their current model and developed new projects in places like Manchester, Clacton-on-Sea, and Liverpool. Additionally, Lankelly Chase is supporting the core team at CSL to build further approaches to achieving systemic change within partner organisations and to put this into practice effectively, so that it can have the greatest impact.

For more information: Participatory City

The full report that documents the findings from this experiment can be found here