Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP) and Cranstoun

Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP) and Cranstoun are London-based service providers in the fields of domestic violence and drug treatment, respectively.

Lankelly Chase funds a partnership between these two organisations which provides a ‘dual diagnosis’ intervention programme for perpetrators of domestic abuse who also have drug and alcohol problems. This is underpinned by research findings that domestic violence and substance use are part of the same behavioural cycle, and should therefore be addressed as part of an integrated support service. DVIP and Cranstoun provide a 26-week, Respect-accredited course addressing men’s substance use problems and their perpetration of domestic abuse; the partnership also runs a women’s service which supports the victims of abuse to overcome their experiences, and gives insight into how the work with perpetrators is making a difference to their relationships. The partnership aims to share learning throughout both the domestic violence and substance misuse sectors, and create a replicable model, which can be learned from and taken up elsewhere.

This approach recognises that many people’s problems come in groups, but services are often only designed to deal with one issue at a time, and therefore people with multiple problems fall through the gaps in the system. It also illustrates that ‘joint working’ between different services is not just about communicating better, but also about co-delivering holistic support for clients with multiple problems.

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