Family Rights Group

Family Rights Group offers advice and advocacy for families who are subject to state intervention, such as having their children taken into care.

Lankelly Chase funds the Family Rights Group’s work to develop and coordinate ‘Your Family, Your Voice’. This is an alliance of families and practitioners working to change how families with children engaged with children’s services are treated and supported. The alliance has been brought about due to a dominant policy and media narrative which paints all families receiving state ‘intervention’ in a purely negative light, and sees parents who are ‘unable’ to care for their children from a perspective based only on risks. The project aims to challenge and change these perceptions, and improve knowledge of marginalised families’ experiences and capabilities.

‘Your Family, Your Voice’ is enabling parents and families themselves to influence the plans, decisions and services which affect their children. It is also examining the structural, cultural and practical barriers which stop the most marginalised families from having control over their own lives. Through an alliance of a wide variety of experts including social workers, lawyers, social work academics, voluntary organisations, parents, children and family and friends carers, ‘Your Family, Your Voice’ is aiming to change the approach of public services so they are based around families’ strengths, rather than undermining their role in identifying what works for them. This can serve to reframe the whole debate around families and ‘the state’, including how parents and children are perceived by the public and portrayed by the media, and how they are approached in law, policy and service design.

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