Foundation for Families

Foundation for Families is funded by Lankelly Chase to transform the way in which services respond to children and adults living with chronic domestic abuse and the other risk factors which often accompany it.

Foundation for Families has identified clear problems with existing responses to domestic abuse – such as not listening to children and young people, not engaging the perpetrator, lack of understanding around mental health and substance use, and the way in which the number of services working with the family increases but their outcomes just get poorer. This idea – that the ineffective (and often expensive) response of ‘the system’ to people suffering from severe and multiple disadvantage can actually serve to make their problems worse – is one of the key reasons behind Lankelly Chase’s focus on ‘systems change’.

We therefore fund Foundation for Families’ innovative ‘case histories’ approach, which charts families’ entire timeline of contact with different professionals: this gives invaluable insight into how a variety of services can ‘hover’ around families for years without offering the support that is really needed or making any effective interventions which improve their situation. Foundation for Families is also working in ‘real time’ with the families involved in their research to inform current practice.

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