Hope into Action

Hope Into Action is a charity set up to change the way people facing homelessness and other social disadvantages are cared for. They operate in nine cities around the UK and aim to be in 20 cities by 2020, some of which will be through franchising their model, which, simply put, is to give people who experiencing homelessness a home, which is done in partnership with a professional empowerment worker and trained community based volunteers/mentors from a local church in the area.

Through their model, Hope Into Action aims to increase the supply of housing for people facing homelessness and associated multiple exclusion and disadvantage by working with socially-motivated investors to buy homes. These homes are then leased to Hope Into Action, who then rent them to tenants facing homelessness and multiple disadvantage, providing them with a trained Empowerment Worker to support them to move forward with their lives, and, crucially, the organisation engages and trains a local church community to support the tenants in the house, surrounding them with positive social relationships and preventing isolation: one of the key reasons why other rehousing programmes fail. Moreover, by creating new relationships between these communities, Hope into Action teaches church communities a new, skilled and empathetic, rather than sympathetic, model of engaging with people facing severe and multiple disadvantage.

Lankelly Chase is working with Hope Into Action to franchise their model to new cities to provide homes, support and social networks for people living with severe and multiple disadvantage